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Here comes a revolution to the nobility and quality of stainless steel now with new textures, etched patterns, customized polishing and colors, that allow you to create new projects, new ideas, new aesthetic options

Many elevator companies selected RDS as the main Elevator cabin and door material for the luxurious projects. With RDS, you can transform your building into an elegant and stylish space highlighting the luxurious ambiance in modern architectural trend

RDS established the precision sheet metal platform, the service scope  involved the sheet metal industry like house appliances, electric, medical treatment, automobiles, heavy truck, hoisting equipment & engineering machinery


Our qualified specialists, who help us to create status of a group leader, provide us a full range of testing the quality.


We’ll do our best to process your order as fast as possibl to get the material in your hands on time.


We stand behind the legendary quality and craftsmanship of all our products.


We deliver products, anywhere in the world. And we'll advise you on the exploitation.


We offer same or next day delivery. This is the fastest lead time all over the industry.


We use heavy-duty wooden crates to package sheets for “over the road” shipments.

We live in a rapidly changing world, and we witness profound changes in society, consciousness, foundations, business.

But invariable were and still are the basic principles on which the activity of the company has been built - honesty in relations with customers and partners, an extensive range of products, consistently high quality of our stainless steel, accessible prices, social responsibility, the desire for stability.


Well established resources in many countries

Mosaic Tile

Our heavy duty stainless steel mosaic tiles are made with a double A grade stainless steel with a rubber peel & stick/ ceramic mesh backing for easy installation. This provides an advantage of durability, safety and hygiene. RDS is one of the most eco-friendly materials you can choose for your wall interiors and exteriors. Literally anyone with proper equipment’s and adhesive would be able to install it easily. Light weight, flexible and bendable tile is very easy to install, save manpower and cost.

Stainless steel surfaces

Finishing at the highest level, Royal Décor is one of the most efficient companies in the field of stainless steel and one of the first addresses for the wide application of this material in architecture, building trade, industry, elevator construction and shop fitting. Royal Decor Steel is a worldwide leader in stainless steel surface treatments such as colored and special finishes (No.4, No.8, Etched & Embossed finishes)

Inner control standards in the production process



SS is the preferred material for green building throughout the world. During production, SSl uses scrap metal as its primary raw material, with up to 70% of the product coming from recycled material. 


RDS Nano coating is a cutting edge technology that is Antimicrobial coating

An antimicrobial surface contains an antimicrobial agent that inhibits the ability of microorganisms to grow on the surface of a material and it will help to reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections.


We offer AFP-process which make it easy to remove fingerprints & dirt

Our Afp-Process for SS surfaces reduces fingerprints traces. It makes it easy to eliminate fingerprints & all kind of dirt and even graffiti, without any complications or leaving any residues.